Payday Loan Repayment Options

Written By tordbezz2 on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 | 10:00 PM

Payday Loan Repayment Options
Look, we all get in a desperate financial situation sometime in our life and need emergency cash right away. There can be lots of reasons for this (don't bother listing them all) you just need cash to solve your problem and you need it now. As you search in vain for all possible options, they'll have lots of drawbacks. Asking to borrow money from any family member can be painful and embarrassing. Thinking about borrowing money from your local bank usually doesn't work. They only like to give money to people who don't need it and in this economy they are turning down almost everybody (even though they received billions from the government just for such a purpose just for such a purpose!) Like most people in this country your credit cards are maxed out with nothing available to borrow from. You have heard about payday loans but figured they were too risky.

That whole list of alternatives above are correct (almost). It's a pain dealing with family members and money. Banks love to say no to people who need money. The problem with credit cards is that they charge outrageous fees for cash advances and the reality is they are never paid off. In almost all cases the one that has the most things going for it is a cash advance loan. The interest rates may seem high but when you consider the fact that this is really unsecured debt and the law and most states limits the amounts, it may just be the best option of all.

But don't I have to pay it back in seven or eight days?

Most people are concerned about paying it back on time, usually with their next paycheck. They need instant money but they need time to pay it back. If you had 90 days to pay it back, would that solve the problem? Not every payday loan company is willing to do that but because of changes in the industry, more and more companies are offering this as an option. Ask them about it straight up. You never know what their answer is going to be.

Obviously they want to get paid back and if they have to go hunt you down, they aren't going to do it. Remind them that an automatic withdrawal program is offered by their competitor and they will usually change their mind. Now the reality is you probably don't have to do anything because they almost certainly have the capability of setting that up in their software. listen, you have to realize that all terms have additional fees and by changing this loan from a few days to 90 days later (to pay back) there will certainly be additional charges and you need to justify that in your own mind. You need to remember that it will almost certainly assist you in getting the money you need any in making it easy to pay back over an extended period of time. You are saving time, you are reducing hassles, you are dealing with problems and a limiting emergencies. That seems to be a fairly minimal expense, correct?

Here's a short list of advantages: You didn't have to include nosy family members; You saved time and energy (and that awful fear of rejection) by not having to go to an uppity bank; You didn't have to add additional burden to your credit cards; and in less than a day (sometimes 2 to 3 hours) you took charge of your life and eliminated a financial disaster. Additionally, you now have the time you need to pay back your loan that won't increase your stress level.

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